Wellspring™ | Your roadmapfor resolving chronic illness from the root cause

The Empowering Holistic Method that Guides Christian Women to Ditch Chronic Symptoms and Live Life Without Limitations

It's no secret that enduring a chronic illness diagnosis can bring you to your knees and zap the life out of you. But what if it didn't have to be this way? What if, despite your diagnosis, you could live a full life?

Within the Wellspring™ membership, Christian women find no-nonsense, real-life autoimmune guidance by following a proven success path that tackles the 3 root cause buckets which need to be addressed for sustainable healing: Mindset, Using Food as Medicine, and creating a Non-Toxic Lifestyle.

You will...

  • Receive an organized, actionable holistic plan broken down into bite-sized pieces to eliminate overwhelm
  • Move from confused to confident about exactly how to be well naturally with live group coaching and a community group.
  • Achieve simple, measurable foundational health goals that help remit your symptoms, including fatigue, pain and inflammation.

Doors will open again in 2024.


I came into Wellspring™ very sick I was losing a lot of blood in my poop probably TMI🤣 but that’s how Crohn’s Colitis goes. Anyway I’ve worked my way through season one. And did the 14 day gut reset and OMGosh I feel SO much better!! I know I have a long way to go but it’s nice to start to feel better.

— Laney H.

I love every minute of my Wellspring™ membership! Jennifer provides valuable lessons and resources. She is vastly knowledgeable in health & nutrition, yet she brings into balance a spiritual connection to your health journey which I appreciate the most. I highly recommend this program to those who truly want to create lifelong changes in their healthcare journey.

— Tanya S..