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Do you have storebought home cleaners in your house?

Do you or your children suffer with eczema, headaches or autoimmunity?

Recognize any of these common names?

  • Clorox
  • Comet
  • Simple Green
  • Ajax 
  • Tide
  • Windex

If you currently use these products (and others) or have them under your sink, you'll want to download the free guide to learn emphatically why you need to get these (and other) cleaners out of your home.

I used to use all these cleaners! Then I switched to natural home cleaners thinking they were better. What I learned about the dangers of Borax will blow your mind!

Jennifer | Feasting On Joy

"Since I learned about toxins in the household cleaners I thought were cleaning my home, I kicked them to the curb along with all the adverse health affects I had from them."

Jennifer @

  • You will learn the names of 22 common household chemicals and specific ways they can harm your body. 
  • A VERY startling fact about these chemicals. 
  • Seven more surprising facts about the risk of store-bought home cleaners. 
  • Why corrosive products are something you never want to have in your home. 
  • The 12 buzzwords found on cleaners that tell you that you must avoid them.
  • Statistics about just how harmful these toxins are. 
  • See actual pictures of storebought home cleaners with each dangerous chemical pointed out. 

Take the first step for reclaiming your health and your children's lives. Become educated about toxic chemicals and learn why it's time to use alternative methods and ingredients for cleaning.

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