Supercharge Your Time in God's Word! 

With Quest {Quiet Unmatched Enjoyable Scripture Writing Time} , even you, the busiest mom, can get God's Word into your heart on a deep level and allow the life changing Bible to teach you and reach you. 

Discover the Deep Connection with God You Crave

"Step out of distraction mode and obtain laser focus on the Words you're reading."

QUEST is the ultimate tool to help you find healing, balance and wholeness. With its thoughtfully chosen Scripture passages, and specific writing instructions, it will empower you to transform your quiet times from distracted and empty to making rich and meaningful connections with a single laser focus that you will remember. 

You will start to crave your time in the Word by going through the QUEST program. Since it's designed with the busy mom in mind, spending a short time each day is all that's required to refresh your walk with the Lord. Retaining what you read has never been so simple!

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Do You Ever Sit Down for Your Quiet Time and Your Brain Wants to Focus on Anything but the Bible?

You're NOT Alone!

Jennifer knows all too well how frustrating it can be to spend highly sought after time in the Word only to finish feeling empty and like the time was wasted. She knows what it's like to be distracted and lack focus during those important devotional times.

Through QUEST {Quiet Unmatched Enjoyable Scripture Writing Time}, she offers the perfect way to enjoy laser focus during Bible study without distraction, leaving you fulfilled and satisfied with God's Word penetrating your heart and having long-lasting effects throughout your day.

The QUEST Program Will Help You

  • Transform your quiet times from distracted and empty to rich and meaningful.
  • Establish a daily Bible study routine that you look forward to.
  • Grow in the knowledge and understanding of WHO God is and who you are in Him.
  • Become more purposeful with the short amount of time you have to study God's Word 

As You Work Through the Modules in Your QUEST Program You Will...

  • Discover the surprising joy that Scripture writing can bring you.
  • Learn to be intentional, 6 days a week listening to what God has to tell you.
  • Gather insights you've never had before about the value and significance of the Bible.
  • Challenge yourself to become rooted in Scripture and understand your Identity in Christ.
  • Find encouragement and inspiration in God's Word through our daily writing meditations and QUEST Deep Dives.
  • Create a lasting hunger and thirst for spending time in the Word as you get to know God better and better each day.

Amplify Your Intimacy with God and Reignite Your Faith Though Writing Daily Scripture in Bite-Sized Portions. You Have 3 Choices!

  • Choose to focus on one topic for four weeks by choosing a QUEST Single
  • Choose three to four different topics to work on for 12-16 weeks with a QUEST Bundle.
  • Choose our most popular option, QUEST Complete with 13 topics for 52 weeks {+ 2 bonus- 4 week topics}

"Jenn’s method of writing Scriptures is a wonderful way to meditate and remember God’s word. Writing out the verses and then seeing them in my own handwriting is a proven way to imprint them into my memory. Also, in the time it takes me to copy the words, I’m able to think about the meaning of the verse and even be able to hear what the Lord wants to say to me through them." Trish Townsend | HopeDwellers.com

"I have been using the Quest scripture writing program as part of my morning routine and it has really helped me to focus more on the words in the verses I am reading. I am constantly amazed how God uses whatever scripture you are reading at the time to totally speak to you where you are and what you need to hear. I have found that when I start my day with praying and meditating on scripture, everything goes more smoothly throughout the day. As a writer/blogger, sometimes I get stuck and feel like I don't have the words to express what I want to say. When that happens, I have been pulling out my Quest sheets for a little refocus time. Every time I do this I can go back to my work/writing and the words just start flowing. Yay! Thanks so much Jennifer for this helpful tool!" Laura Mapstead | NaturalHealingHope.com

Claim and Own Scripture in a Personal Way

"Experience the Word come alive in your life!"

Choose From the Following Topics or Get Them all With QUEST Complete

  • Tame the Tongue 
  • Get Wisdom 
  • God's Promises 
  • Conquer Your Pride & Idols 
  • Grace and a Transformed Life 
  • Encouragement in the Midst of Pain and Suffering 
  • Finding Peace and Rest  
  • Conquer Your Fear 
  • The Names of God 
  • God's Faithfulness 
  • Your Identity in Christ 
  • Overcome Unforgiveness 
  • Your Ultimate Healing 
  • (Bonus with QUEST Complete) Build Your Trust in God 
  • (Bonus with QUEST Complete) God's Restoration and Redemption

Which QUEST Program is Right for YOU?

QUEST Single 

  • 1 Topical Scripture writing plan.
  •  4 Weeks of carefully chosen Scripture passages for writing a total of 6 days per week.
  • A custom designed checklist to keep track which passages you've written.
  • QUEST Deep Dive journaling Prompts specific your topic.
  •  Printable journaling pages.

 QUEST Bundle

  • 3 or 4 Topical Scripture writing Plans.
  • 12 weeks of carefully chosen Scripture passages for writing a total of 6 days each week.
  •  A custome designed checklist to keep track of which passages you've written. 
  • Quest Deep Dive journaling prompts specific to each topic. 
  • Printable journaling pages.

 QUEST Complete

  • 13 Topical Scripture writing plans.
  • 52 weeks of carefully chosen Scripture passages for writing a total of 6 days each week.  
  •  A custom designed checklist to keep track of which passages you've written.
  •  Quest Deep Dive journaling prompts specific to each topic.
  •  Printable journaling pages. 

Plus over $70 in FREE Bonuses

  • 2 Bonus Topical Scripture Writing plans.
  • Printable tabs to DIY your QUEST binder dividers. 
  • One detailed instructional video showing you how to put together your QUEST Complete Binder. 
  • 4 Beautiful, custom designed Bible Bookmarks. 
  • 8 custom designed pocket Scripture cards to write your favorite Scripture passage on and carry with you. 
  • 5 gorgeous, 8x10 home decor frameable prints with inspiring Bible verses and sayings on them. 

*binder not included

Special One-Time Bonuses Come with QUEST Complete

With Your Purchase of QUEST Complete You Will Receive over $70 in Beautiful Bonuses!

Five Gorgeously Designed 8x10 Home Decor Frameable Prints 

  • 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, 8x10 High Resoluton Frameable 

{$5.80 value} 

  • It is Well With my Soul, 8x10 High Resoluton Frameable 

{$5.80 value} 

  • Jeremiah 30:17, 8x10 High Resoluton Frameable 

{$5.80 value} 

  • Lamentations 2:22-23, 8x10 High Resoluton Frameable 

{$5.80 value} 

  • Philippians 4:6, 8x10 High Resoluton Frameable 

{$5.80 value} 

*You will receive high resolution PDF printable files. Frame not included.

Two Additional Scripture Writing Plans

  • An extra 8 weeks (6 days each week) topical Scripture writing plan on Building Your Trust in God and God's Restoration and Redemption.

{$9.94 value}

Four Beautiful Bookmarks to Keep Your Place

  • 4 custom hand drawn bible bookmarks 

{$5.80 value}

A Valuable Tool to Help You Remember Your Favorite Verses

  • 8 blank pocket scripture cards for writing your favorite scripture and carrying it with you. 

{$5.80 value}

Color Matched Tabs for Creating Your QUEST Complete Binder

  • Printable tabs + instructions to DIY dividers for your QUEST Complete binder.

{$5.80 value}  

An Informative Video to Put it all Together

  • 1 detailed instructional video teaching you how to put together your QUEST Complete Binder. 

{$22.67 value}  

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all QUEST Products

Money-Back Guarantee

Since we know that QUEST will transform your Bible study time and truly allow God's word to penetrate your heart, we want to let you know there's absolutely no risk when you purchase!

*If you feel unsatisfied with your purchase of any QUEST product and you are willing to show (by sending photos of your writing) that you have done the writing for at least one entire module, we would be happy to refund your money.

We know that won't happen though because as you are diligent to consistently write God's Word it won't return void.

Frequently Asked Questions About QUEST

Will I be Receiving Physical Products?

You will receive PDF files for everything in your purchase, including the bonuses. No physical products will be shipped. Bonuses will be emailed to you separately from the product your ordered.

What will I need to put together my QUEST Complete?

Our goal was to keep QUEST very simple because we want busy moms to be able to enjoy it. For that reason, all you really need is a printer to print out the pages. However, if you choose to take 15 extra minutes to put together a binder, you will need a cute storebought binder, washi tape for decoration, white cardstock, a hole punch, glue stick and scissors. If you choose not to print the journaling pages, you will also need notebook to write your verses in.

I am SO busy, will I really have time to do this?

Busy is an understatement these days. There's always something going on, right? QUEST was designed specifically for busy women. Most people will be able to complete their daily writing in 10-20 minutes per day. For those days there may be a bit more time, we have included QUEST Deep Dive journaling prompts for meditating, and reflecting on what you have written. If you choose to do those, it could take up to 45 minutes.

Is the QUEST Program Hard?

The beauty of the QUEST program is its simplicity. It is not hard at all. All it requires of you is to have a quiet moment in your day with pen in hand and paper available for writing. It's easy!

Can I Upgrade to QUEST Complete if I Purchased QUEST Single or QUEST Bundle?

Due to the nature of the QUEST Complete program and the QUEST Single we don't have the availability for upgrades. If you know you are eventually going to want to work through all the QUEST Modules then the most economical choice is the QUEST Complete program.

How Much Time Will it Take me to go Through Each Day?

It will take a minimum of 10 minutes to write out the passages for the day. If you choose to go deeper and meditate on the Words you are writing then it could take up to 45 minutes.

Can I Choose the Topics That are in my QUEST Bundle?

The QUEST Bundles are masterfully designed with specifically chosen topics in each for your convenience. We can't allow mixing and matching as the bundles are already put together.

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