The Ultimate Essential Oils Safety Course for Pets

Ditch Your Fear and Gain Confidence Using Essential Oils on and Around Your Pets.

Are you scared that using essential oils around your cat might harm them? Do you get confused with all the contradicting information out there about using essential oils on and around animals? Or worse yet, do you avoid using essential oils on yourself because you fear your animal might get sick? 

What if instead, you knew exactly which essential oils were safe and which were not and how to use them properly for health, wellness and the happiness of your pets {and you}? 

  • Imagine helping your pet with his itchiness or sour temperment using essential oils. 
  • Think about what it would be like protecting your pet from pests with non-toxic, chemical free, nature made essential oils. 
  • Imagine avoiding costly vet trips and medicines because you know exactly how to use essential oils to help your pet feel better.

As a Certified Essential Oil Coach (CEOC), I have safely used essential oils for almost a decade on my humans and pets alike. It has been empowering helping my dog with a cough and skin wound or my kitty who had sneezes with natural and powerful essential oils. My pets lives and my life has been improved in extraordinary ways since we turned to essential oils for our health. 

Love Your Pets with Essential Oils Mini-Course | FeastingOnJoy Oils
Enroll In the Course $19 {Summer Sale!}

This Step-By-Step Course Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Use Essential Oils on Your Pets

No more fear using essential oils on or around your pets!

The Love Your Pets with Essential Oils Mini-Course is jam packed with critical essential oil information delivered via video lessons and custom designed handouts. As you watch each lesson, the fears and confusion you have about essential oils and animals will melt away. 

Additionally, with each lesson you watch, your knowledge and understanding will improve so much that you will finish the course with immeasurable confidence so you'll know exactly what essential oil is right to help your sweet pet companion. 

  • Imagine, on a whim, knowing exactly how to use every single essential oil that's beneficial to your pet. 
  • How wonderful will it be when you know exactly how to dilute an essential oil for your type and size pet? 
  • How exciting will it be when you are able to create your own safe and applicable essential oil remedy to help your pet - big or small?


How to use essential oils safely to help and not harm your pets.


How to use essential oils effectively to help your pets and improve their health and well being.


Finish the course with confidence about which essential oils to use at certain times and which essential oils NOT to use.

Love Your Pets with Essential Oils Jennifer and Patriot | FeastingOnJoy Oils

Here's A Glimpse of the Course Curriculum

With 9 video lessons and 6 printable resources including guidelines, dilutions rules, recipes and more you will learn everything you need to know to utilize essential oils safely on an around every single one of your pets.

Enroll in the Course $19 {Summer Sale}
Love Your Pets with Essential Oils Handouts | FeastingOnJoy Oils
Handouts List Love Your Pets with Essential Oils | FeastingOnJoy Oils

About Jennifer

Jennifer | FeastingOnJoy Oils

Jennifer is a Certified Essential Oil Coach by the AADP, the CEO of JB Well-Being, Inc., and the founder of, FeastingOnJoy Oils and Root Cause Christian Coaching. She is soon to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and is currently a member of the National Association of Nutritonal Professionals (NANP).  

Through her own path of naturally healing her chronic illness, she is gifted with the ability to teach, guide and encourage other struggling women about how to create a sustainable, holistic, healthy life in which they thrive. She enjoys teaching women how to get rid of all the chemicals and toxins in their lives, manage their stress, prepare healthy foods, get adequate, high-quality sleep, repair their guts and give the gift of health to their entire family - including pets!

Jennifer is the wife of one extremely supportive and hard working husband, a homeschool Mom of two boys, and the proud owner of her Goldendoodle and two kitties. 


When does the course start and finish? It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.  

How long do I have access to the course? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as it is online - across any and all devices you own.  

What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  

In order to receive a refund you need to: Request a refund within 30 days of your purchase date and do a short zoom chat with us, to let us know why you were dissatisfied. We always love honest feedback! Your dissatisfaction must be specific to the course material. Sorry – no refunds for buyer’s remorse!  

Is this course unbranded? For the most part, this course does not mention a specific brand of essential oils. However, starting in lesson 7 I do share which brand I use and recommend. No worries though - this course is fully about teaching YOU how to use EO properly and safely on your pets, not sell you oils though I LOVE and strongly recommend the brand I have used for almost a decade.  

How long will it take me to complete the course? We've designed this course with the busy woman in mind. It's self paced so you are able to watch the videos in bite sized chunks and then apply what you learn to your pets.

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Love Your Pets with Essential Oils Mini-Course | Feasting On Joy