Under the Weather? Here are Some of Our Favorite Home Remedies to Be Well.

No matter how healthy you live your life, it's inevitable that at some point you wont feel good. It's really important to have a natural arsenal at home to help combat these times by boosting your immune system and giving it what it needs to start healing. These are some of our yearly go-to's that are tried and true. They always come through for us in regaining our health.

Our Top Choices

Black Garlic

This is an amazing immune booster and it has a sweet balsamic taste. It has triple the antioxidants of regular garlic! We just pop a few cloves in our mouth when we start feeling bad. Sometimes we eat them as a preventative measure too.

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Manuka Honey

This special honey is loaded with natural enzymes and antibiotic properties to help battle a bug. We love to eat a teaspoon of it to soothe sore throats. This brand is excellent because it is tested to remain pure of environmental contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides.

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Silver Shield

We use this when we need to break out the big dog, when something real bad comes along like the throat that has all kinds of terrible looking things on the back of it. Ewww... We love this because it is a natural antibiotic that is safe to use and won't harm the good bacteria in our guts.

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Neti Pot with Neti Salt

This is a must have for clearing out the sinuses and the back of the throat. Whenever we feel clogged in our nasal pasages or thick in the head or even have drainage down the throat the Neti Pot comes to the rescue. Sometimes, when needed, we will use this two to three times a day and and we add essential oils as well. Be sure you have the Neti Salt that goes with it.

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Apple Cider Vinegar and Himalayan Salt

To give our bodies the minerals they need to boost our immune system, we put 1 cup of water with 1Tlbs. Apple Cider Vinegar and 1tsp. Himalayan salt and then stir. We drink this first thing in the morning. It's refreshing and re-establishes the mineral building blocks our bodies need to get well. Plus, the ACV defends against the microbes that cause our symptoms.

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doTERRA Thyme Essential Oil

This oil is one of our favorites when we are under the weather because it is selective in the bacteria it goes after. It wont harm the good guys in your microbiome and that's really important. We will gargle with it in water, diffuse it and rub it on our feet. *Beware it's hot!

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Earache Be-Gone Home Remedy

This works every time and keeps us from getting those dreaded antibiotics that wreak havoc on our gut health. Place 3 thin slices of a garlic glove in a stainless steel saucepan with 1Tlbs. of organic coconut oil. Heat on low only until the coconut oil is slightly warm. Stir garlic around to infuse into the coconut oil. Let cool to room temperature. While laying on side, place 3 drops of oil (no garlic pieces) into ear canal and put a cotton ball in the outer part of the ear canal. Lay on side for at least 15 minutes. Do this up to 2 times a day.

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Epsom Salt Baths

Baths with Epsom salt are so relaxing and help bring the inflammation down as well as help induce the parasympathetic state we need to be in to heal. Epsom salt gives our bodies the extra magnesium we need for our cells to properly address inflammation. We usually add the Epsom salt and grade 1 Lavender oil or Roman Chamomile oil for added soothing of sore, achy muscles. These are great to do right before bed.

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Breathe & OnGuard Drops

When you get that tickle in your throat that just won't go away, these are the bomb! Breathe really helps support respiratory health and get rid of the coughing spasm and OnGuard is a premium immune booster and wards off the tickle too. They are non-GMO and have no refined sugar which is a win for our family.

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Smidge Organic Probiotic Powder for Microbiome | Feasting On Joy

Therapeutic Dose Probiotics

I absolutely love these probiotics. They are what I took consistently during my healing journey. They are active and living and have such a variety of strains that help improve gut health. Since our immunity lies in our gut, it is important to keep it populated with good bacteria. I also love that these probiotics come in powder form so you can choose your dosage. For maintenance you don't need as high of a dose but for healing you need a higher dose. You can customize your dose with this powerful living powder!

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50PPM Silver Nasal Spray

Bacteria and viruses cannot live in the presence of silver. This is our go-to remedy to kill any nasal bacteria or virus causing infections. We each have our own bottle to use when the need arises. It comes with 2 refills as well and is excellent to have on hand during cold and flu season as well as allergy seasons. I sell this in my Fullscript Dispensary and you get 15% off when you set up your account and purchase it there.

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Immune Supporting Organic Tea Crystals

Not all tea is created equal! I LOVE the immune bundles that my favorite tea company offers. It's all organic and is triple tested for heavy metals and contaminants. Plus, they taste really good! Use code: JENNIFERB for 5% off your first order!

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This is the electric tea maker we use every day and love it.

Bone Broth is a MUST HAVE

Something that is always a part of our daily regimen, especially when we aren't feeling good is homemade bone broth. This gadget makes homemade broth a cinch and it tastes amazing. It is one of my most prized kitchen tools. 

We source our beef and pork bones from a local ranch and of course, keep our chicken carcasses to make chicken broth with. If you need to purchase bones you can do so here. When we aren't feeling good, we will drink at least one cup of bone broth with every meal. We like to add Himalayan salt to it as well. 

Not only does bone broth provide healthy fats that our body needs but it also provides a large amount of amino acids that are required for healing. Bone broth helps heal and seal the gut lining and is easy to digest as well. It's amazing and ultra healing.

If you don't have homemade bone broth on hand... This is an alternative to homemade bone broth that we love. I love to travel with boxes of this organic broth too! Of course, homemade is always best but sometimes we just don't have it. Try these instead: Our Favorite Boxed Brand of Broth. Get 20% off your first order using code: FEASTING20

Ditch the Sugar!

When anyone in our home is sick we do not eat any form of sugar except for Manuka honey. Even eating fruit can cause the immune system to be compromised since sugar has been proven to lower the immune response. During any sickness we focus on consuming extremely nutritious foods like bone broth and veggies along with cooked meats. When we leave out the sugary foods (even the unrefined sugars) we find that we get better faster.

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